Life update

So recently I’ve been super busy, unfortunately not in the realm of playing music in public.
My new job has me on the road quite a bit. I’ve seen quite a bit of southern Virginia from the northern neck, south to Virginia Beach, west to Mecklenburg county and a lot in between! Then I was around Schenectady NY for a couple weeks and now I’m concentrated in the western half of NY state. It’s been a lot of road time but I’ve seen some beautiful country, tasted a lot of local delicacies, and yes, taken in area’s music scene. I generally have a travel guitar with me so I can keep up on my practicing, and I’ve even played a couple open mics.

I’m actively looking for some local gigs, but it’s a pretty crowded field around here. If you know of anyone looking for a one-man show in the Carroll County area please hit me up. Anything will do, I just want to get out there!

Thanks for following!